To keep in the spirit of the Nonuple theme, I tried to limit the list to 9 scenes… but I just could not because there are just too many incredibly funny moments to mention! So I expanded the list to Although the following list consist of segments and little scenes, I strongly recommend that you watch the whole episodes so that you can get a better grip of the context in the comedy you will be watching.

The cast and guest are split into 2 teams. They are given a list of pre-written questions and answers. Each team takes turns to put 2 members forward. While the 2 members put on headphones blasting out music, 1 has to ask a question from the random list and the other will have to say a random answer from the list. Now that the members have become household names in Korea and many parts of the world, they can really look back and find their past struggles as a learning experience.

RUNNING MAN all funny moments part 1

And probably played a role in them becoming who they are, and where they are, today. At this time, other member of the cast have yet to build up their lovable characters in the minds of viewers like us.

Haha and Joong Ki were getting bored with being ordered around by Jong Kook. They found themselves idling around and decided to film their own action movie scenes. They started to roll around on the floor, somersaulting, using their walkie-talkies as guns, and posing for the cameras like they were filming a trailer for an upcoming action movie. They were then awkwardly caught by Jong Kook while fooling around.

I remember watching this very early into my fan-hood with running man. And after this scene, I started to like Haha for his unpredictable antics. Guest: SNSD a. Together with the running man cast, they have to pair up for a couple race. The way they go about this will leave you gasping for breath from all the laughter. Turn by turn, each person chooses another of the opposite gender to partner with as a team for the day. And the selected person will have a choice to accept or reject the approach.

Hong Soo-hyunLee Bum-soo. In a game before the tag-ripping elimination round, Haha comes up against Jihyo in a battle of trash talk. But Jihyo starts to reveal how Haha tried to seduce her with SMS that threw a spanner into the works.

Best episodes of Running Man?

funny running man episodes

See which shows get onto the list of 9 best episodes. In this episode, every cast member thinks that they are spies meant to accomplish a secret mission. And because Jae Suk is still suffering from the trauma of being a spy in previous episodes, he goes absolutely berserk at how openly Da Hae is approaching her spying activities. He was scared that their cover will both be blown if Da Hae keeps this up.

The constant probing of Da Hae and comical avoidance of Jae Suk made this a very laughable scene. Ddakji is a game in running man that has been played a number of times. Some episodes even make ddakji the theme of the show.This show has introduced Korean cultures to millions of people. And so, I decided to make a list of my 30 favorite episodes of Running Man becauseduh.

Please keep in mind that this list is entirely my personal opinion. Disclaimer: I do not own Running Man or any of its episodes, the pictures posted is simply a result of screenshots.

The highlight here is the interactions between the members though. Jae Seok and Seok Jin conquered their fears. Judging by the first couple of missions, I thought this would not be anywhere near good. They did the usual things, like shoe throwing, arm wrestling, and so on.

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But it took a sudden — and terrifying — turn, when they had a reunion and strange things started happening…. Mainly because their reactions are natural and lively, unlike other episodes where it seems forced.

It also allows the members to create their own story at their own pace. That results to a relaxing episode that is hilarious and still hold enough tension to keep viewers intrigued. Recommended to a person who needs a good laugh after a long day. If you love the drama, My Love from The Star, you surely will enjoy this episode, as this episode parodies the popular drama.

funny running man episodes

It is split to three segments from different times of Korea, The Joseon Dynasty, industrialization era, and the modern era. This episode is not a blockbuster, this is one of the earlier episodes that are shot when the members are still trying to find their character in the show. And boy oh boy, they created something much better than a character, a love line! This love line of theirs, still endures even after much drama in their personal lives. Monday Couple is such a strong point of the show, that I have to put the episode where it started on the list.

The members are invited to a game by a mysterious stranger this episode. Now, the members have to traverse the complex maze that holds a secret beneath every corner…. In this episode, Running Man members become detectives that have to find the fake detective basically a spy among them.

Sounds interesting, right? That picture of Gary still has me laughing even after seeing it thousands of times! In this episode, Running Man members are joined by pro baseball players in a game of supernatural baseball. And being Running Man, you can certainly hope for embarrassing, ridiculous, and hilarious powers. Well, this episode took inspiration from that movie by ranking the members and giving them treatment according to their rank. These treatments include cameras, cars, food, and seats.

And because of that, the members really want to win in this episode. Expect fierce fights and hilarious results. Pages: 1 2 3. Of course, Ji […].This is a list of episodes of the South Korean variety show Running Man in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikimedia list article. Some of this article's listed sources may not be reliable.

Top 20 Best Running Man Episodes of All Time (Up to 2019)

Please help this article by looking for better, more reliable sources. Unreliable citations may be challenged or deleted. November Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Kim, U. Retrieved 3 July Retrieved 20 December Retrieved 11 January Retrieved 12 January Retrieved 26 January SBS Star. Retrieved 31 January Retrieved 3 February Retrieved 6 March Retrieved 9 March Retrieved 11 March Retrieved 12 March Retrieved 16 March Retrieved 24 March Retrieved 25 March Retrieved 31 March Retrieved 1 April It first aired on July 11, and is one of the longest running variety programs, having aired over episodes.

Many of them have been excellent, but some of them have been truly ground-breaking television events. Below are the ten episodes that mark the transformation of Running Man from a fun variety show into a monumental TV program that continues to elevate the quality of Korean entertainment. Many female guests of Running Man simply end up being eye candy.

This episode is the first time the girls actively participated and really added to the entertainment value of the show along with the men. There have been many couple races in the past but this episode certainly set the standard in terms of comedy, competitiveness, and unpredictability.

The teams must earn the running balls. In Running Manas in all variety shows, characters and roles develop over time. One of the most memorable groups to have ever formed in Korean variety entertainment is the commander and the two kids, a group that was established in this episode.

However, this was also bigger than just that comment. Overall, this is the funniest leisurely tea segment the cast has ever done. The cast proved they could sustain over fifteen minutes of doing nothing simply because they are very funny. Some of the moments were emotionally touching for the audience. Members are put in a building and told that a zombie is on the loose.

They are on lockdown until the zombie dies. Usually, episodes are linear and the audience learns of events in chronological order, but this is the first episode where the PDs used flashbacks. They reveal outcomes first before showing the events leading up to specific, important moments. It was revealed later on that Kang Gary had allied with Song Ji Hyo, which made certain events more surprising and unexpected.

This was the first horror episode of the show and a successful one at that. Another show, Infinity Challengecreated a vampire episode several months after this one and it fell short of expectations, showing how hard it is to pull off a horror episode as well as Running Man.

Their battle against Big Bang was the first time that RM competed as a full team against another group.

19 Funniest Running Man Segments Ever That Will Make You LOL

However, since Big Bang has only five members, Running Man was given a handicap, effectively clipping two members. This episode is the first time the whole team was pitted against a group of guests with an equal number of members. Though the best one-on-one nametag-tearing battle may go to Kim Jong Kook and Chu Soong Hoon in Episode which is also the highest-rated episode of all timeI think this episode takes the cake in terms of general nametag-tearing chaos. There were so many confrontations when all the members were just going at it in one location.

It was hard to find someone who could match him in both departments. Jung Yong Hwa has appeared in Running Man many times and proved he can both run and think, but his appearance in the Hong Kong episode and the Snake Race showed he also has physical strength.

Running Man faces an old nemesis, Choi Min Soo. The winning team must save the members and escape the landmark. Their second confrontation is the best display of how closely they are matched-up.

Choi Min Soo proved just how creative he can get in making RM look like a fool without losing the spirit of the show. This is probably the first time the show used live special effects. The production team helped Choi Min Soo set up the whole venue to make it feel like a giant play house complete with lighting effects and other props.

This episode is his second return and third appearance overall. With this episode, RM confirmed that they can and will bring back past stories with great success.

RM is divided into two teams. After a series of mini games, they battle it out in a game of baseball with a twist.

[FEATURE]: TOP 15 Favorite Running Man Episodes

I watched this one next, though, and was totally hooked. Baseball is an old game and an international one at that.The super famous variety show might not get the highest rating in its home country but still is the most loved South Korean variety show ever. Here are our choices of the best and funniest Running Man episodes of Do leave your comment if you think there is an episode that needs to be added on this list.

funny running man episodes

The comedy can be seen from the start when Lee Kwang Soo and Ji Suk Jin came in wearing black costumes filled with pig dolls. The costume was the punishment they have to accept for losing the game in the previous episode of Running Man. This episode of has a unique theme where the members have to finish all the mission to reach the highest level.

To reach the highest level, the members were given several challenges that they must be overcome, namely looking for ingredients to make rice cake soup.

One of the hilarious games that still crack me up is when the members of Running Man need to collaborate in order to accomplish the mission of throwing a tire with their buttocks.

One by one the members have to fly tires with their buttocks. If the total distance is more than 10 meters, one of the locations of the material will be revealed. The game starts with So Min. She tried to push the tire with her butt but failed and instead tumbled backward and trigger the laughter of the other members.

The objective of the race is to find the real king. Two Running Man members and a guest star claimed that they were the real king. The task of the other members is to find out who is the real king and who is a traitor for the sake of peace. The team which is divided into three groups must ask questions and if the answer is Yes, then one finger must be folded. The funniest and most exciting session in the Folding Finger game is the karaoke game.

Each team needs to sing together and try to get the highest score. On this episode, the Running Man member needs to determine the winning team and the losing team. Later the winning team will get the holiday reward. The race is called La La Land which is divided into three rounds. The funny act of the cast member can be seen since the first round where they have to guess what is in the game Yut.

funny running man episodes

The team that manages to answer the most will win, while the losing team will be punished in the form of a blow from a plastic hammer. This week Running Man was divided into two teams to take on various fun games, namely the Jaesuk and Jungkook teams. They will move around to enjoy a variety of delicious Korean dishes and meet special friends. The theme took the shape of Cutting the Opponent Cable.

There are 5 cables connected to the bomb and one of them will explode if it is cut off incorrectly. The members have to pass various missions to get clues which cables to cut. In order to determine which team can leave and go to their first choice restaurant, they must play a simple game.

There are 30 eggs, one of which is raw, then the members must crack it one by one. Teams whose members break the raw eggs mean they have to go second.

Prediksi hk 4d paling akurat

And you will know who was the one that did crack the raw egg right? Episode has three guest stars that is been widely known to the public. The mission of the game this time is to find out the identity of who repeats students who try to hide and finish his mission on each round.

The funniest moment for me is during the second round when they have to play Volleyball. Because the ball that is being used is too large, it will automatically be difficult to bounce and of course, will be harder to control.

When Kwang Soo made his first serve, the ball failed to cross the net and ended with a point deduction. Unlucky fate for his team does not end there as Kwang Soo failed to receive the serve from his opponents. After they were divided into three teams, they went to eat to the restaurant and then finished the first game called Heaven For Bujang and Hell For Couples. The way this game is played is that each team will be given a question and those who cannot answer will have their basin filled with water.Every week, I make it a point to catch the latest broadcast as soon as I can.

The show guarantees at least a segment or 2 where I will laugh till my tummy hurts.

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These days, I think most fans find the show funnier than it actually is partly because we know all the context created in previous episodes… and that we have grown to know the characters in the show.

I remember the first time I caught show by chance at home. It was a name-tag ripping session. And I was totally gripped by the suspense, tension, and comedy in that few minutes. After which, I went looking for previous episodes and found a lot of them even more entertaining.

Top 30 Running Man Episodes You Can’t Miss

Then I proceeded to gulp down all the episodes in about a month or 2. I was lucky in the sense that by the time I was hook on the show, there were already over a hundred episodes broadcasted in the past since it started in That gave me a good library to go through without needing to wait for 1 episode a week.

In this sense, you are even luckier if you have just started watching it as there are over episodes available at the time of writing this. One of those things that I did to start the watching journey was to search what are the best running man episodes to watch first.

If you have landed on this page, you are probably where I was those years ago. So here are 9 top running man episodes that makes you love the Korean variety show so much. I try not to make this a spoiler article as much as possible. This list is ordered from the earliest to the latest. If every running fan has to choose 1 favorite episode, this one would probably get the most votes. Each member is given a special power to battle it out, outwit, and outlast each other. Some nail-biting stuff in this episode… and some forever memorable scenes.

Just when you thought you could guess who would win, everything is thrown into complete pandemonium. Guests: Kim Je-dongDohyun. If there ever was an episode that left you guessing who the culprit is until the very end, this is it.

One by one, the detectives started to get mysteriously eliminated. The atmosphere gets tensed. Nobody can be trusted. The clues to the killer are more confusing than enlightening….

Guests: Han Ga-in. The audience gets a glimpse of how the running men grew up. Flashback segments of when they were kids are shown to reveal clues to the riddle. Ga-in fell in love with a member when they were kids… but they have now lost their memories… like the many Korean drama series that are scripted…. The members have to find clues hidden in pictorial diaries to learn who the childhood sweetheart is. As usual, each clue starts to write off certain members, or point out a specific group of members.

Betrayals ensues…. Guests: Kim Hee-sun. This is a celebratory episode to usher in the th episode of running man in All but 2 members become Greek gods. And they start to slug it out with each other to claim the title God of the Gods. And in the process, they created some of the funniest scenes ever.Hi everyone! Some of you may already know, but Running Man has been my favorite Korean variety show for the longest time.

Sadly, it ran into trouble this past year, and even faced possible cancellation. Thankfully, things all seemed to work out in the end. Read below for some of my favorite episodes! The games, punishments, and prizes have, of course, changed over the years, and so have some of the members. August Song Ji Hyo becomes a permanent member of the show. April Song Joong Ki leaves to pursue his acting career full time. However, it truly is one of my favorites. The episode begins with a search for the guests.

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Naturally the RM members must find the guests before getting eliminated. The other great portion of this episode was the drawing relay. It becomes quite clear that both Joongki and Yunho are terrible drawers, and for all you fans out there, this is the infamous rhinoceros doodle episode.

Guests : Kim Byung Man — This episode has always been engrained in my memory as one of the funniest episodes of all time. It starts off with a mission to find the guest at a sauna. The Running Man members mistake FD Dong Wan for Byung Man way too many times to count and each time they chase after the young wig-sporting maknae, road runner sounds are used, making the scenes funnier than you ever thought possible.

Next is the karaoke diet race, where the teams must battle it out for the highest score. Each microphone is attached to a piece of exercise equipment, one being a heavy weight; another, a pull up bar; an elastic resistance rope? Hilarity ensues. I really loved Kim Byung Man as a guest.

Guests : No Guests — A true classic. This was the very first episode to feature Yoomes Bond as a main protagonist who was challenged with eliminating his foes the other RM members with a water gun. The other members, unknowing of his identity, are tricked into searching for a fake guest. It was excellent watching the members go from unsuspecting to paranoid, and even funnier watching YJS get cockier and cockier as the episode went on, but also more nervous at the same time if that makes any sense.

I love how he really got into the role, and the interactions and shock by then end when his identity was revealed were priceless. The second part of the episode is just as hilarious, with the stress test between Jae Suk and Jong Kook providing many laughs to go around.

Guests : Jang Hyuk —As you can see by the title, this is part two of an episode special featuring actor Jang Hyuk. The jeans modeling segment. The competition involves each team sending out one of their members to compete one pair at a time. There are some painfully ugly pairs of jeans in the bunch, which makes this segment illegally funny. But the best part is just how committed the members, and most of all, Jang Hyuk, are to selling these jeans, no matter how fugly they are.

In this first episode, the guests are paired with a Queen Bee and must complete missions in order to collect items that will be used in a final battle. One thing about Gary is that when he laughs, he really laughs. It truly was drop dead funny, I must admit.

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